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Coda Direct Cremation
From $1,500
  • Removal of deceased from place of death
  • Transportation of deceased to crematory
  • Filing of the death certificate
  • Crematory charges
  • Cardboard Cremation container
  • Cremated remains are returned in a cardboard container
  • 1 certified death certificate 

In order to utilize the Coda Direct Cremation Package, the following requirements must be met before we can take custody of the deceased: 

  1. Payment in full by cash, check or credit card. 
  2. Next of Kin must sign and returned a cremation authorization form. 
  3. All information necessary to complete death certificate must be provided to Krabel Funeral Home.
Cremation w/ limited funeral home services
From $2,000

Everything included in the Coda Direct Cremation package plus

  • Obtaining certified copies of the death certificate [additional costs incurred]
  • Assistance with writing and publication of obituaries [additional costs incurred]
  • Assistance with filing of insurance claims
Cremation with full funeral home services
From $3,500
  • Everything included in the previous two packages
  • Viewing of the deceased [if possible]
  • Assistance with Memorial Service at the funeral home [additional costs incurred]
  • Printing memorial stationery
  • Creation of video memorial tribute
  • Assistance with arrangements for burial of remains